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Exhibition Team


Exhibition Design and Coordination

Arch. Uliva Velo


Associate Coordinator

Giulia Casartelli



Angeliki Charistou


Technical Unit

Claudio Cervelli, Idee in luce S.n.c, Vicenza



Eric Binnert, Agence Pièces Montées, Paris

Raimondo Lauro, Neonlauro, Treviso

Georges Menchakian, San Lazzaro, Venice

Fabrice Bernasconi

Yorgos Efstathoulidis


Transport of Artworks

Gondrand, Milan



Axa Art



Anahide Ohannessian

Monserrat Delvalle, Cofigen, Geneva


Communication and Promotion


Press Office

Lucia Crespi, Milan


Graphic Designer and Communication

Doc Levin, Paris


Editorial Coordination

Camilla Salvaneschi


Website and Social Networks

Panos Charitos

BLIND Studio

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