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Nigol Bezjian was born in 1955 in Aleppo, Syria, to Armenian parents,
he immigrated to Lebanon first, where he lived and worked before immigrating to Boston, USA in 1974. He studied filmmaking at the UCLA School of Film, Theatre and Television where he graduated with a MFA in Film Producing, Writing and Directing. After having worked for Future TV in Lebanon, Bezjian has been involved in producing broadcast television programs throughout the Middle East. For several years he has owned a production company; Think Positive, providing production services in Lebanon, producing documentaries, consulting to TV station and producing TV shows.

His first full-length feature film Chickpeas released in 1992 earned wide acclaim that continues to this day. His filmography includes, among others, Cycle Carmen (1981), Roads Full of Apricots (2001), Verve(2003), Home/Land (2008), Milk, Carnation and a Godly Song (2013), I Left My Shoes in Istanbul (2013), Rumi: The Same Gate (2014) and most recently, Thank You Ladies and Gentlemen (2014). His films have been shown in countless film festival where many of which have been awarded.


Nigol Bezjian, Witness.ed, 2015  

Site specific installation

Courtesy the artist

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